My name is Kevin Schwertfager the founder of Hartio Apparel. I've always had the drive to go after something big. Trying different ideas or niches and starting up little businesses I really couldn’t find that one I was really passionate about. Then, talking to my one good friend Andrew Monter after our work out we started talking about clothing ideas. Nothing really happened that day but my mind wouldn't stop thinking about the idea of a clothing line! I then remember telling my mom and dad that I'm going to start a clothing brand but couldn't think of a name. They laughed and just said. “Here is Kevin with another business idea, good luck.”

A few more days past and I couldn't get this out of my head. I started writing down ideas and random names for a clothing brand. I thought Hard... Yes Hard... After a while I was like that does not sound good at all. I was in the middle of a workout and my mind kept saying Hard Hard Hard.. then out of know where I said Hardio. I kept saying it to myself and couldn't stop. At that moment my brain was racing with ideas.

I love to motivate people and encourage them to get up, try again, and never give up. My overall goal is to motivate people. When i was 10 years old i was in a bad snowmobile accident and was in a coma for a week and hospitalized for over a month. I had to relearn to walk, eat, brush my teeth, and even learn again. After regaining my strength back i would always push this girl that was paralyzed and run down the hall because it made her happy. I was happy that I was able to run again and seeing someone that couldn't run ever again made me want to help and make her happy as I could. I feel like it was motivating her to not give up even in a tough situation. “It’s Your Strength” to help one another through tough times and “It’s Your Strength” to help yourself get through the hard times you encounter in your life. 

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